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Painting on Staten Island

Has the paint on your bathroom wall started to peel? Is the condensation from your restaurant's kitchen causing the paint from the adjacent walls to flake? Does the paint-job on back of your house look like it has seen better days?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you need to contact Great Atlantic Gutter, Cleaning and Power-Washing right away. Great Atlantic Gutter, Cleaning and Power-Washing have been the leading residential and commercial painting experts in Staten Island for many years and our flexible and multi-skilled team of professional painters is available to take on any painting task no matter how big or small.

So why procrastinate any further, the answer is at hand. Call Staten Island's residential and commercial painting experts today for a non-committal appraisal and free estimate and let us help you turn your house or business back to its brilliant best.

Superior Residential & Commercial Painters

At Great Atlantic Gutter, Cleaning and Power-Washing we firmly believe in the mantra that if you fail to prepare then you're simply preparing to fail. This isn't some type of tired cliché that we spout to make ourselves sound impressive. No, instead it is something we take very seriously and implement every day so as to ensure that we maintain our position as the leading residential and commercial painting service in the greater Staten Island area.

Having painted thousands Staten Island homes and businesses down through the years, the one lesson we keep on repeating is the need to prepare properly. That is why before one lick of paint is applied to a wall in your home or business, we will insure that we have taken the necessary preparatory steps. This includes working closely with you to select the paints that we feel would best suit and compliment the room.

From there, we will ensure that all furniture, valuable items and electrical appliances are moved from the work area and stored in a secure location. Finally, we also guarantee to check for any drywall deficiencies and to make the necessary repair works to all walls in the work site prior to painting.

When is the Best Time of Year to Paint Your Exterior Walls?

In general, most Staten Island homeowners use the late spring or summer months to paint the exterior of their house or store-front. At Great Atlantic Gutter, Cleaning and Power-Washing we feel that anytime from late April to mid October is optimal exterior painting time but it is important to consider not only the average temperatures but also temperature fluctuations. While it is true that spring and summer temperatures do have the warmer temperatures, they can often have greater fluctuation between day and night. However, Staten Island fall's tend to be far more stable when it comes to such fluctuations so we recommend, where possible, to pencil in exterior painting from late august to mid October.